Argentum Age is a digital collectible card game which adds elements of tactical war games and is currently in development. In Argentum Age, you take the role of a powerful Wizard in control of their own citadel and army to defend it. Summoning powerful monsters, you engage in battles against your enemies in an effort to destroy their citadel while simultaneously defending your own.

Games of Argentum Age take place on a hex grid. The grid begins barren, with scattered villages, but as the game progresses you can summon lands on the tiles of the grid, as well as creatures to defend your Citadel and your land, and capture enemy lands.

This is what Argentum Age looks like at the start of a game:

Argentum Age Game Start

A game of Argentum Age at its start


You summon creatures into the tiles closest to your citadel:

Summoning Creature in Argentum Age

Choosing where to summon a creature

Once a creature is summoned it takes on a mind of its own. Every turn it moves a space toward the enemy side of the field, and if it meets an enemy they will engage in combat. You don’t have direct control of your creatures in Citadel, but you can influence the outcome of battles and support your creatures by casting all manner of spells on them and your enemy’s creature.

The hex grid battlefield in Argentum Age isn’t just meant to be a novelty, it fundamentally changes the game. No longer can you just say “oh well, if a guy I summoned dies, I will just summon another guy.” If you invested the time and effort into getting your creature all the way to the enemy’s side of the board you want to ensure your time has not been wasted and thus want to keep that creature alive! Of course Argentum Age gives you the tools to do it, with all sorts of spells to protect and buff your creatures.

Spell battles in Argentum Age are as exciting as they are insidious. The game is full of response spells which can be cast in response to an enemy spell. They can be used to maneuver your creatures out of harm’s way, or in some cases even turn the enemy’s own spells against them.


Responses in Argentum Age

Try to freeze my creature? I’ll just swap him with yours!

In Argentum Age, like in most combat card games, there are plenty of removal spells, that is, spells which can kill off enemy creatures. Playing other games, we feel like you pull your powerful creature from the top of your deck, summon it, then sit through your opponent’s hand helplessly hoping they don’t have a removal spell in their hand. In Argentum Age, you get many tools to defend against removal. There are ways to directly shield from a spell, but there are also spells which will relocate your creature — and if you manage to move a creature to a different tile the spell targeting it will fizzle. As in our screenshot above if you are cunning enough you can even cause your opponent to hit their own creature with their removal!

Argentum Age is still undergoing intense development, but this has hopefully given you a little taste of what we’re working on. We hope you will check back soon for updates!