Illustrated by Sara Avery, Savage Lands is a Gaea land Savage Landscard which reflects Gaea’s capacity for aggression. Any tile in Argentum Age can contain a creature, but can also contain a land tile, such as Savage Lands. Land tiles have many possible benefits, that can be specific to creatures in the tile, to the entire lane, or global benefits.

Savage Lands offers a small buff to creatures summoned in the lane, and also gives them Haste, meaning they move instantly up the lane, putting the opponent on the back foot.

In particular, Savage Lands is a great card to put in a multi-school deck. Many Gaea creatures already have Haste, but almost all Gaea creatures move just one tile each turn. Combining Savage Lands with, say, a deck full of Materia creatures or Aether creatures offers the possibility of summoning a creature with two moves that will also now have haste, moving very aggressively up the lane toward your opponent.

We will talk about such a card next time when we introduce the Rohk.