As part of our new UI effort we have added a little bundle of new features:

  • Recent Games – Click on Recent Games under your profile to review your recent games and even watch replays of them.
  • Levels – As you play you earn experience which causes you to level up. Your level reflects your skill and dedication to Argentum Age.
  • News – Well, this is a bit meta, but as you can see we have added this news section which lets you see what’s going on with the game.
  • Daily Quests – You will be assigned quests which provide you with gold and experience rewards upon completion. Complete quests to be assigned more difficult quests with bigger rewards!
  • AI Difficulty Levels – We want the AI to be challenging, but also to offer a fair and fun experience to new players. So now we have different difficulty levels for the AI. Adjust the AI to your preferred level of challenge.