One by one, we are planning to present the various cards that will be present in Argentum Age as we work on them. Today we look at the Crypt Fiend, a classic Entropia card that puts pressure on the opponent early in the game.


Illustrated as a debut card by artist Lisa Nguyen, this card shows off the dark somber Crypt Fiendeerie style we are trying to establish with Entropia cards.

A player’s discard pile in Argentum Age is known as their Crypt. So naturally the Crypt Fiend interacts with the discard pile. At the start of a player’s turn, that player draws their hand up to their hand size. On their turn a player can discard any cards they don’t find useful into their Crypt, giving them the opportunity to replace them with new cards they might find useful at the start of their next turn.

The Crypt Fiend begins very weak, only a 2/2. The Disciple, an Aether card is 5/4 at the same price, by contrast. However, every time your opponent discards a card into their Crypt, the Crypt Fiend gets a permanent +2/+2. This puts significant pressure on the ability of the opponent to cycle through their deck looking for the right card. Do so and they boost your creature each time!

Of course, a good game is a series of interesting choices, and Crypt Fiend really presents a player with quite a dilemma. Is it worth discarding an unneeded card and give the enemy Crypt Fiend (or perhaps sometimes multiple Crypt Fiends) a significant buff?

A player doesn’t just discard cards by choice though. Sometimes players may be forced to discard a card by other effects. We will be sure to refer back to the Crypt Fiend when we discuss some cards that force discarding of cards.