One piece of feedback we have received about our game is that the name is too similar to existing products. As such, we have come up with a new name for the game. It will be called Argentum Age.

Why this name? Argentum Age is a game of heroes, of epic battles, of mythical creatures, of lore and legend and a clash of monsters, wizards, and gods. First was the Gilded Age. A time of perfection. Of peace. A time when all evil was banished. But it was not to last. The search for knowledge unleashed great evils into these Elysium planes.

Thus, after the Gilded Age ended, an Argentum Age began. An age of heroes and epic quests, a mighty clash as the Shapers battle over the Citadels.

We are still building our back story and lore, but this is enough to explain our choice of name.