Argentum Age is a digital collectible card game with tactical elements and a focus on skill. We aim to be a community-driven game that is developed by and for its players. The game is Open Source and is designed to be moddable. We are also committed to Argentum Age avoiding any “pay to win” elements that some games feature.

Argentum Age is currently in beta, and we welcome any feedback we can get. Please download it, try it out, and let us know what you think. Our Discord Server is the best place to meet us, provide feedback, and get involved with development.


In the elder days, the world was different. People did not divide over differences in race or creed. Knowledge was freely shared to the extent that science, technology, and philosophy reached heights far above what is known today.

Free from the burdens of war and disease, the Elders devoted themselves to the betterment of all life until even mortality was overcome. In the elder days, the secret of everlasting life was discovered. As a monument to the people’s progress, a great gilded City was built whose lights could be seen from across the world.

How then came the Fall?

Our Elders had cultivated a world free from death and filled with an abundance of all things. How was it that there were some who were still unsatisfied? In secret, these darkened hearts bent the world’s knowledge for selfish gain. New power was created that could not be shared and the seed of lust, which had laid dormant in the souls of men and women for ages sprouted again.

Factions formed and war erupted and the great City was torn apart and left in the ruins we know today, the Argentum Age.